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Comprehensive IT services for companies based in Warsaw, domestic or abroad – we operate wherever our client needs us.

COM IT SOLUTION is the best choice for IT outsourcing services for your business. Our services guarantee reliability and satisfaction.

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IT Outsourcing Warsaw – why is it worth your while?

IT outsourcing is a solution widely popular around the world. It’s an optimal choice for any type of company: big, medium or small enterprise. IT outsourcing will provide comprehensive IT support and guarantee IT safety of your company.


Your full satisfaction with our service ]is of utmost importance to us.

That’s why we carefully listen, what are your requirerements and always apply a bespoke approach – to implement your needs into action.

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IT services would decrease costs of running your business

We exactly know how to avoid unnecessary spendings on IT support. Co-operation with various entities on domestic and foreign market confirms that our clients value our diligence in effective cost cutting and optimalization that IT outsourcing entail.


IT outsourcing proves to save money and time for many companies.

On the one hand, it means no investment in maintenance of inhouse team of specialists, on the other hand, allows precise purchase and utilization of often expensive equipment and software.

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IT Consulting – a crucial knowledge at arm’s length

Our knowledge and experience is a priceless asset, which we have been taking pride in for many years of operating in IT business. We hire specialists, who not only are appropriately qualified, but are also ready to constantly expand and update their knowledge.


Regardless of location, whether it’s Gdansk, Cracov or Warsaw IT outsourcing offered by COM IT SOLUTION is a guaranteed access to best knowledge whenever you may need it.

We reject all patterns of action for IT services. We want to provide the best services regardless if we’re dealing with a new or regular client.

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We are operating not only on Warsaw market. Our IT outsourcing services which we have been providing for 15 years is best solutions and professional support for big enterprises and medium or small companies all over Poland.

Our company specialises in comprehensive support of international clients, who have or are planning to open their branch in Poland. We act as an internal IT department.

Thanks to that we are highly knowledgeable in terms of how such companies operate and what challenges they are facing. Every day we get acquainted with new technology, which are being used in international business environment. Our services are recognised in different parts of the world.

Support of our specialists is crucial in running the most important processes in service and production enterprises.

IT services at its best

Our IT services guarantee quality, flexibility and professional knowledge with regards to IT and the newest technology

IT outsourcing Warsaw

Comprehensive IT services in every area:

Outsourcing IT (kopiuj 1)

Are you wondering who is the best to entrust the implementation of comprehensive IT infrastructure services? Our company COM IT SOLUTION meets your needs, offering you a professional IT support… 

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IT Services

Are you interested in a long-term cooperation? On our part you can count on a professional IT services thanks to which you will not have to worry about possible servers, net connection, hardware or software failures…

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IT consulting

Outsourcing requires expertise. You don't know how to use modern technologies to strengthen your position on the market? You want to understand the scope of IT services? You don’t know how to use IT outsourcing to advantage of your company? You don’t realise how should administration of servers look like? Ask us for professional IT consultancy immediately. Solving problems is our bread and butter…

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Do you want your company to work with the best software? We understand this need. We use the best and most modern programs in our work. Our goal is to provide our clients and their employees state-of-the-art computer software. Our outsourcing services is the best choice…

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Safety and comfort of work it’s not just operational systems for employees but also equipment we provide our clients with. Just like software it should be innovative and operate without errors for many years. We will guide you how to make the best selection of equipment for your company…

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IT Security

It’s a frequent mistake not to devote due attention towards personal data safety. With us you don’t need to worry about that any more. We provide solution that would guarantee data safety, not only personal data, but also servers and the whole infrastructure and net used by the company.

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IT Backup

Are you aware what is the value of lost data to your business? Are you afraid of losing data collected on your company’s servers?

Our specialists are aware of the importance of this information, so they take care of systematic backups. Data backups, ongoing monitoring and data safety as well as use of data in compliance with the procedures are permanent features of our services.

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Network administration

Network administration Are you scared of the number of tasks that a corporate network administrator has to perform? Often it proves to be the most problematic side of IT support. Comprehensive IT network care - this is what you can count on from us.

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IT monitoring

Wouldn’t you like to secure efficient operation of your company’s computers and seamless work of your servers?

Professional monitoring of their functioning is essential part of our outsourcing services and one of the basic goals of our specialists.

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Outsourcing it Warsaw


If you never thought of outsourcing your IT do it now! IT outsourcing is a comprehensive tech support delegated outside of your own company.

It would allow you to cut the costs of maintaining your own IT department, but also secures the access to necessary, modern tools without buying the equipment and licences of your own.;

IT support at arm’s length – any time, when you need it, no need to maintain your own IT team and infrastructure

Choose IT outsourcing. Warsaw, Poland and other countries. Professional, bespoke IT services your company requires.

Maintaining your own IT team and infrastructure often is challenging. If you’re looking for someone that will accept responsibility for administration of your company’s network and solving various tech problems, well… truly, you couldn’t find any better.

Since this very moment your only concern would be running your business’ daily operations. Leave IT services to us. You may find out the benefit of our help very soon.

IT outsourcing by COM IT Solution is a guarantee of the best quality services.

We look for solutions, we suggest proper tools.

We adjust to clients’ needs

We implement tech novelties that makes running business easier

COM IT Solution as an integrator

We provide high-level outsourcing solution, but there’s more. IT infrastructure is a complex system build from many elements. It’s seamless operation can only guarantee appropriate integration of individual tools and functionalities.

At COM IT Solution we create new solutions for optimalisation and integration of various systems operation. We provide necessary tools available on the market and teach how to use them.