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What does IT outsourcing entail?

Are you wondering what IT outsourcing is?

Below you will find out not only what IT outsourcing is, but also what type are there, what actions are taken and what are the biggest advantages of it.

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What does IT outsourcing mean?

Let’s begin with that IT outsourcing is a combination of 2 words: outsourcing and IT. Information technology or better known as IT should be familiar to everyone, at the same time term “outsourcing” might require defining or at least explanation. Let’s start from here.

Outsourcing – definition

Term outsourcing comes from English. It an abbreviation from outside-resource-using. Outsourcing is using outside resource to solve inside problem. In other words outsourcing services is an outside support of a particular part of company’s activity provided by a specialised outsourcing company. Such a company owns all necessary equipment, knowledge and expertise (employs team of specialists) required to complete the task it was entrusted with.

Outsourcing means all services that may be provided to you by third-party company. It’s not only a one off service, but also may involve a permanent cooperation with external company.

Outsourcing services is frequently a long-term business relationship with a company that becomes a reliable partner and service provider.

Full and partial IT outsourcing

IT outsourcing may respond to your requirements in full or just partially.

It’s crucial to decide from the very beginning upon the level of introduction into the arcana of operational processes of your company when inviting a third-party providing IT services.

Using and outside IT services usually mean a long-term or permanent cooperation due to elevated costs of maintaining IT structure running.

In case of small businesses frequently a single IT consultancy is required or creating a IT infrastructure necessary to operate the company or just a software update.

Partial IT outsourcing is a perfect solution for those who need a limited scope of IT support, as well as for those who treat IT outsourcing as a support for a certain project within organisation’s operations.

There are many models and approaches you may want to apply. Local and online support is also an option.

It all depends on your requirements, i.e. what is the budget delegated to IT outsourcing, is there a inhouse IT department or is it just being created.

What is crucial, is that IT outsourcing is a very flexible and bespoke service.

What services are included into IT outsourcing?

We already know what IT outsourcing is. It leaves us with a question: what does it involve?

There are many levels and scopes of services that IT outsourcing include. The offer is often very vast – from providing specialists able to complete a particular task and immediately react to malfunctions to comprehensive supply of equipment, hardware, software and technicians working within the organisation.

Usually offered services are: administration of network and servers, creating applications and websites, software update, creating IT infrastructure,  solving malfunctioning of equipment and software, data back and IT consulting.

To gain the most benefit from IT outsourcing it’s crucial to adjust the services for a particular client’s requirements. That’s why at COM IT Solution we perform an in-depth requirements analysis before we commit ourselves to the process.

Ultimately it’s the client who determines the scope of services required, but it’s the best if it’s discussed with the contractor, who on the stage of initial analysis may suggest most suiting solutions for the client.

What is the scope of IT outsourcing services?

  1. IT consulting

    - consulting in regards to all planned and current action requiring use of IT technology
  2. IT support

    - Refers to IT infrastructure and software
  3. Software (supply and update)

    - Providing software, licences and walkthrough how to use it for the employees
  4. Hardware (supply and maintenance)

    - Hardware is not only computers, it’s often a developed servers’ infrastructure, auxiliary equipment, kilometres of cables needed to secure a proper operation of the company
  5. Secure IT and IT Backup

    - All actions leading to improving IT safety of your company
  6. Network administration

    - Actions undertaken to secure seamless operation of the complex IT system, managing users data base and users’ permissions to use programs and apps
  7. IT monitoring

    - Allows to avoid system downtime, secures everyday operation of equipment and software
  8. Website and software development

    - IT outsourcing involves delegating tasks to specialised companies (website and applications development for client relations management) without which you can’t imagine running a modern enterprise
  9. Conducting internal IT processing

    - Outsourcing companies not only provide software, but also frequently run important and time-consuming processes in the company. A good example is data backup.

Why is it worth using IT outsourcing for companies?

Decision whether internally develop resources or use outsourcing services is often one of the crucial ones influencing the future of the company.

That’s why before making it is wise to consider every aspect that involves cooperation with outsourcing company.

To make it easier for you we present short description of the most important benefits that outsourcing services provide

They will allow you to reflect on what is crucial for your business – is it an access to new tech or expertise relating to IT solutions, or maybe you are interested mainly in cutting the cost of your operations. The decision is yours.

Get yourself acquainted with the list of advantages you will benefit from when cooperating with COM IT Solution.


Lower costs of running your business

Firstly, it worth considering economic efficiency of creating your own tech team in comparison with costs of outsourcing services.

Amongst the fixed costs of keeping the company considerable expense relates to IT infrastructure, access to equipment, software or securing data and process safety. Cost is also generated by maintaining support teams like IT department.

IT outsourcing allows a significant cost mitigation by use of necessary tools, infrastructure, specialist only when and where they are really vital.

If you would like to know how much IT outsourcing would cost your company use our IT services calculator.

Staffing problems avoidance

Maintaining inhouse specialists implies additional regular spendings – employment contracts, holidays expenses, extra personnel costs, etc.

Also keeping a specialised IT team may also entail hidden costs like prolong search for qualified experts on required level.

Recruitment costs (frequently delegated to HR companies for extra charge), onboarding, training and potential “escape” of the employee from the company – has to be taken into account while estimating potential savings with regards to changing to IT outsourcing.

IT outsourcing grants access to the best IT specialists without investing in permanent employment.

Easier and cheaper access to new technology

It is not only task delegation to external specialists that covers the full scope of advantages that IT outsourcing bring.

It’s also the access to newest IT systems, purchase of which would mean a big single-off and frequently uneconomic spending when there’s no need to use it on a daily basis. It’s also a possibility of fast and easy training for your employees on how to use them.

Most companies decide to cooperate with an external company bearing all of the above said in mind.

Support of external companies that specialise in new tech becomes an element of building their competitive advantage in economic dimension.

Less probable hardware or software malfunction

As you know, various types of equipment failures can be a huge threat to the company ...

Various types of failures of equipment, operating systems or software are widely recognised threats to company’s normal operation, which may affect the production processes, work efficiency or customer satisfaction.

One of the biggest advantages of IT outsourcing is delegating the risk related to unforeseen situation to external company and their specialists.

IT outsourcing is based on constant monitoring of IT infrastructure performance and quick reaction to rectify any type of threats that serviced enterprise may encounter.

Significant time saver

External IT support company provides a precise response to your every need.

Wide scope of available technology and specialists from different areas of expertise that are ready to work any time you need is an unquestionable advantage of IT outsourcing.

It’s most of all it’s an invaluable time saver for you and your team. Just count the time you need for: problem diagnosis, new solutions analysis, order of necessary tools or finding specialists that could handle the issue if you can’t do it with your own resources.

All the above elements are usually accessible upon requested within subscription offered by an IT outsourcing company.

Are you wondering which IT company to choose?

COM IT Solution provides a large catalogue of IT outsourcing services.

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