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Either locally or abroad – we operate wherever our clients need us.

Are you wondering why you should really choose us? There are many advantages for establishing cooperation with COM IT Solution…



We want you to be fully satisfied with the level of services provided. That is why we listen carefully to what you say and put your needs into action. We reject all patterns of action. We realize that each client is different and has different expectations towards us as his business partner. Therefore, we individualize the Solution offer, adjusting it to your needs. We offer the best IT solutions in a given situation. However, we are ready to modify them at any time, if necessary. We have one goal. It is your complete satisfaction and the actual solution to the problem.



We have been operating on the market of broadly understood IT services for many years. Cooperation with various business partners on the domestic and foreign market means that we are constantly learning something new. Our professional experience in IT is constantly growing. And along with it, our ability to solve absolutely any problem you may encounter when running a business in the IT industry. We keep up with the times and do not fall behind dynamically changing market trends. We systematically introduce to the market various IT novelties that our clients can use when running their own business.



It is a priceless asset that we have been proud of and known for in the industry for many years. We employ specialists who not only have the appropriate qualifications, but are also ready to constantly expand and update their IT knowledge. We are aware of the fact that changes in the IT market take place at a rapid pace. What is relevant today may become obsolete tomorrow. In order to keep up with the transformations taking place almost before our eyes, we regularly participate in various workshops and training courses. We strive to be always up to date. We are not satisfied with the role of passive followers of market trends in the IT industry. We prefer to be guides on the path of progress and promoters of innovative IT solutions. In achieving this goal, we are helped by extensive, specialist knowledge and the ability to use it in practice.


Are you looking for a company with which you will be able to establish permanent cooperation in the field of broadly understood IT services?

Don't waste any more of your precious time. You just found her. We have successfully mastered the IT industry many years ago and now we systematically expand our experience base over time. If you decide to cooperate with COM IT SOLUTION, you will be able to revert to us with almost any IT problem. With our business partners in mind, we have prepared a wide range of state-of-the-art network solutions with the use of optimal technologies. Due to the dynamic development of the IT industry, we update our offer on an ongoing basis, adjusting it to the individual requirements of each client.


Are you scared of the number of procedures related to the implementation of modern IT solutions in the organization?

Or maybe you need professional service care over the hardware and software owned by the company? Under these circumstances, establishing cooperation with us will be like hitting a bull's eye. We will take responsibility for comprehensive IT services for your company. We prepare a separate agreement for each partner, fully securing their interests in mutual cooperation. Each document contains detailed guidelines on which mutual cooperation is based.


Trust us!

Remember that we are not limited by any action plans. A solution that has worked for another company may not be the suitable for your organization. Trust our intuition and experience. It will really pay off!