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IT services for companies Warsaw

What kind of services constitute IT outsourcing?

IT outsourcing

Are you wondering who is the best to entrust the implementation of comprehensive IT infrastructure services?

Ask about IT Outsourcing

Our company answers to your needs by offering a professional IT support. We have a rich experience in implementing innovative IT solutions, there are no secrets to us and our support is the best you could come across. We are aware that one enterprise is like no other. That’s why prior to implementation we prepare the most appropriate strategy and then point by point we execute it. perform an in-depth requirements analysis before we commit ourselves to the process. Within the scope of support we also take care of services monitoring, and if necessary modify the whole system. Thanks to that we reduce any inconvenience related with new tech implementation.


IT Services

Are you interested in a long-term cooperation?

Ask for IT service

On our part you can count on a professional IT services thanks to which you will not have to worry about possible servers, net connection, hardware or software failures…


IT consulting

You don’t know how to use the technology to develop your position on the market?

Ask for IT Consulting

Ask us for professional IT consultancy immediately. We will advise you how should new technology be used to automate production processes and manage each operational departments. We will help you choose the best solutions for your company and ensure that they would be implemented swiftly in compliance with required procedures. We also do IT training for employees.



Do you want your company to work with the best software?

Ask for the Software

We understand this need. We use the best and most modern programs in our work. Our goal is to provide our clients and their employees state-of-the-art computer software as well. It’s not only Office365, Windows Server or innovative videoconference systems, but also ERP systems like Comarch, Optima, Symfonia, Microsoft Navision or Prestige.



Do you need innovative and failure-free equipment that will serve your company for many years?

Ask about Hardware

We will guide you how to make the best selection of equipment for your company. Our cooperation with the most renowned global computer brands guarantees supply of the best IT hardware there is. We do hardware presentations for offices. You don’t have to worry about the maintenance – our IT services will handle that.


IT Security

Are you afraid of unexpected shutdown, destruction or theft of your company's resources?

Ask about Secure IT

Data security is one of the most important tasks these days. With cyberattacks only growing appropriate approach to safety will allow the company avoid an unforeseen breach or data theft. It may generate a huge additional expense, but also hamper normal operation.


IT Backup

Are you afraid of losing data collected on your company’s servers?

Ask for Backup IT

Our specialists are aware of the importance of this information, so they take care of systematic backups. Data backups, ongoing monitoring and data safety as well as use of data in compliance with the procedures are permanent features of our services.


Web administration

Are you scared of the number of tasks that a corporate network administrator has to perform?

Ask for Web Administration

Choose our IT support and the problem will be long gone. Our specialist will take the responsibility to control computer and other auxiliary equipment’s performance, manage user data base or secure the network against unauthorised access by installing firewalls and ongoing control of their work. We aim towards constant improvement of network – that’s what you can’t on from our side.


IT monitoring

Wouldn’t you like to secure efficient operation of your company’s computers and seamless work of your servers?

Ask for IT Monitoring

Professional monitoring of their functioning is essential part of our outsourcing services and one of the basic goals of our specialists. Our specialist constantly check the technical condition of hardware and software. They also follow how implementation of processes proceeds. Thanks to this any issues or imperfections in system performance may be eliminated immediately.