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IT Outsourcing

Are you wondering who is the best to entrust the implementation of comprehensive IT infrastructure services?

Our company meets your needs, offering you a professional IT support. We have several years of experience in the field of implementing innovative IT solutions for IT companies. There are no secrets for us  and our IT support, provided with full passion and commitment, is the best what may happen to your organization. We are aware that every company is different. Therefore, before we start implementing procedures as a professional IT system integrator, we first develop the best strategy for a given case and then we implement its assumptions point by point. As part of the offered IT outsourcing we also monitor services and, if necessary, make modifications to the entire system. We will reduce to a minimum any inconvenience related to the introduction of the latest technologies in the company.


IT Service

Are you interested in a long-term cooperation?

On our part you can count on a professional IT services thanks to which you will not have to worry about possible hardware or software failures. Leave the repair to us. We know this how few people do!


IT Consulting

You don't know how to use modern technologies to strengthen your position on the market?

Ask us for professional IT consultancy immediately. We will advise you on how to use modern IT solutions to automate production processes and manage individual organizational departments. We will help you choose the best solutions for your company and we will personally ensure that they are implemented quickly and in compliance with all necessary procedures. We also organize IT training for company employees.



Do you want your company to work with the best software?

We understand this need. We use the best and most modern programs in our work and we will guarantee the same to you. It's not only Office365, Windows Server or innovative videoconferencing systems. We will implement the best ERP systems in your company, such as: Comarch, Optima, Symfonia, Microsoft Navision or Prestiz.



Do you need an innovative, failure-free equipment which will serve you for many years to come?

As part of our IT services, we will advise you on the selection of the best equipment. Our cooperation with recognized global producers of computer equipment is the best guarantor of the highest quality equipment for your company. We organize presentations of modern multifunctional equipment for offices. You do not have to worry about making current technical inspections. This is what our IT service will take care of.


IT Secure

Are you afraid of unexpected shutdown, destruction or theft of your company's resources?

Security is one of the most important issues today. With ever increasing cyber-attacks appropriate approach to security in the company will prevent and protect against unexpected hacking or data theft that may result in high expenses, but also lead to the blockage of the company’s daily operations. That is why we advise and propose solutions that are to prevent unforeseen attacks.


IT Backup

Are you afraid of losing data collected on your company’s servers?

Our specialists are aware of the importance of this information, so they take care of systematic backups, so that in the event of data corruption or loss you can count on their quick recovery. If necessary our professional IT service will make it easy and quick to recover your invaluable company data.


Web administration

Are you scared of the number of tasks that a corporate network administrator has to perform?

Decide on our IT support and forget about this problem quickly. Our specialists will take responsibility for, among others for controlling the operation of computers and other related devices, managing the user base or securing the network against unauthorized access to it by installing anti-virus firewalls and ongoing monitoring of their operation. We also strive to constantly improve the network by updating its features on an ongoing basis. Comprehensive IT network care - this is what you can count on on our part.


IT Monitoring

Wouldn’t you like to secure efficient operation of your company’s computers?

Professional monitoring of their functioning is essential. Specialists from our IT company supervise the technical condition of computer hardware and software on an ongoing basis. They also check how the implementation and execution of new procedures is going. Thanks to this you can quickly eliminate any errors and imperfections in the system’s performance.