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IT OUTSOURCING services price list

Are you wondering how much does a comprehensive IT service would cost a company like yours? Would you like to find out if using IT outsourcing would cost less than maintaining internal IT department?

You’re in the right place – you may find the most vital information about IT outsourcing pricing.

Among others, you will find out what has to be taken into account when planning cooperation with IT outsourcing company and what type of services are included into IT outsourcing offer.

What is more, if you use IT services calculator you may also receive a detailed price list of IT services.

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How much does IT outsourcing cost?

To answer how much does IT outsourcing cost you need to gather basic information concerning demand for equipment and services required by your company.

The cost would differ if you choose a limited scope of services or if you engage IT outsourcing company for a full support.

The expenses are dependent on quantity of serviced stations and locations, condition of hardware in place, number of servers (both virtual and actual) and also expected helpdesk’s working hours and time for malfunction solving.

Comprehensive IT support – price list

COM IT Solution offers very advantageous prices for exceptional scope of IT services.

We provide a wide range of IT services. We do fast trouble shooting, IT consulting and online help. We provide IT security systems and the most modern hardware. In case there is a demand we produce our own solutions for the clients.

We are a professional service provider. There’s always a technician dedicated to a client for direct support.


Below you will find selection of services provided by COM IT Solution.

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Continuous supervision/IT outsourcing (computers configuration, servers, network appliances configuration – switch, routers, printers, firewalls; installation and software updates; supervision over IT security (implementation of systems and antivirus programs, IDS/IPS, firewalls, backup, proxy); IT training, IT helpdesk for employees; IT consulting
Wndows/Linux servers installation including drivers, selected service and configuration, Windows installation, hardware administration, Windows servers maintenance
Windows/MacBook/Linux working station installation with drivers and basic software
Microsoft Office 264 cloud configuration (user access, Outlook mail – e-mail transfer to exchange server and calendar migration to Outlook, file migration to Onedrive, all Office365 Business plans
NAS QNAP Synology, WD Cloud, Zyxel servers configuration (mail servers, files, print, cameras, cloud), VPN network setup
Repair service HP, DELL, IBM, Lenovo, Fujitsu, Actina Solar (servers rack installation, development, modernisation, exchange, mainboards, processors, RAM memory, RAID repair, SCSI, SATA, SAS controllers, HDD and SSD drives, power adapters, firmware and bios update)
MS Windows Server 2003 2008 2012 2016 2019 servers repair (ID errors clearing, startup issues, restarts, drivers, HDD errors, servers freeze, blue screen errors, reset, system recovery, WSUS and RDP terminals configuration
Windows servers administration (upgrade, configuration, backup, data transfer – system and data migration)
Active Recovery Administration (AD installation and configuration, Active Directory repair)
VPS servers maintenance and management – Virtual Private Server
Novotel eDirectory (installation, configuration, repair)
LINUX servers configuration and administration (installation, upgrade, repair)
LINUX operation servers repair (RedHat, CentOS, SuSE)
Virtualisation – VMware, Hyper-V virtual servers (installation, configuration, repair)
Backup copies and data archivisation, file servers and data bases.
VoIP phone implementation and configuration, IVR systems
Label and code printers configuration, heat transfer and thermal printers Zebra, Citizen, Brother, Dymo, Epson, Elzab
Online fiscal printers
Installation and upgrade – Comarch Optima, Wapro, Symfonia, Insert GT, Raks, In-Form, Płatnik
Comarch ERP Optima – implementation and installation
Repair and data base recovery after SQL servers malfunction for Comarch Optima, Inser GT, Asseco Wapro, Płatnik ZUS.
Płatnik ZUS program (program and data base transfer to the new computer/server; backup, repair, conversion and migration of MS SQL or Access data base; e-signature installation, certificate renewal)
SQL server, MS Access, MySQL data base (installation, optimalisation, repair, migration and data base conversion)
Internet firewalls implementation (firewall, UTM, IPS, IDS, PROXY, content and spam filters)
Encrypted virtual private VPN networks configuration (site to site, SSL, PPTP, L2TP, IPsec) between company’s locations or online employee access
IT safety (SIEM systems implementation, i.e. AlienVault, threats detection)
LAN/WAN network, data base, servers, working stations penetration testing
SSL certificates, non-qualified certificates
Qualified electronic signature
LAN UTP STP cat. 5 and 6 computer networks, optical fiber networks (cabling and measurements)
Design and construction of professional wireless WiFi networks with roaming for big enterprises (hotels, holiday retreats, stadiums, conference centres)
Alarms, CCTV
Backup power supply UPS systems / power units, modernisation of electricity network
Data center/ servers setup
Router, switch CISCO configuration
Websites hosting, data base, e-mail (monthly)
Network safety. Work stations, servers, routers, ASA, TCE safety – securing a hidden telephone network
IT consulting in area of IT safety or cost optimalisation related to IT support

IT Outsourcing calculator

We invite you to use our IT services calculator. It’s a tool that would give you concrete information about pricing.

Our calculator would allow you to determine what kind of IT support you company needs and let us prepare a bespoke offer.

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We will take care of the rest.

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